Game Of Codes
Hunt The Code
Long Challenge

It is a collaborative coding event that is organized under team supervision.The teams are composed of two people – and each person is allotted a coding problem at the beginning. After a predetermined interval, the members must switch places, and complete the code written by the other team member.

It is a collaborative fun event that is to be organized under supervision.The participants solve a set of puzzles put together from scratch by the team itself.The team is composed of two participants who solve the puzzles together, in a given time limit signified by the puzzle window itself. The first team to solve wins.

It is an online coding event that is organized under the umbrella of a coding platform, before NIMBUS.This is a large scale “short” challenge that is open to any participation(global included), giving the participants from the institute a much-needed peek into the online competitive coding community.

It is an online coding event that is organized under the umbrella of a coding platform, during NIMBUS. This is a institute-wide “short” challenge that is open to only the students of the college, giving the participants a set of generic problems that are helpful in the long run.

It is an event aimed at recognizing the web-developer community at NITH.Each participant is given a theme/template as an impetus to their project, and they must build upon the provided knowledge to create a webpage/website for the same.

It is a globally acclaimed event that is organized before as well as during NIMBUS.It is an online level-based game where the participant looks for a “word” that is signified by an image/set of images. Hints are provided periodically to help with the process of thinking in the right direction.It is also open for participation globally.

This event is organized via an online platform, chiefly requiring a file-sharing medium.The participant is provided with an executable file and examples for the program that it runs. The participant then must infer the working of the logic and write code to emulate the program.

It is an offline event that is organized under team supervision.It aims to check the syntactic and logical awareness of the participant, where they must “debug” a given snippet offline code, i.e. free it of all possible errors so that it works perfectly.

It is a coding-based exercise that is organized on an online platform.The participant is given a simple logical problem for which he/she must write an “short” piece of code, decided on the basis of length, time of execution etc. The shortest code that perfectly solves the problem, wins.

It is a cryptography based event that uses the prevalent encryption methods to weave a path for the user to find a hidden message, which wins them the competition.The participant is given a file which they have to examine thoroughly and find a clue to the next step in the puzzle, and they should also know when to stop too. The one reaching furthest in the chain wins the competition.

It is an online 3-day long coding event that is organized under the umbrella of a coding platform, pre NIMBUS. This is a “long” challenge open to all students of the college,with a set of challenging coding problems.

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Bring out the Gamer in you and Test your skills by participating in this clash of bots in which one is Tom and the other is Jerry. Cheesy Chase is a game in which two bots come vis-a-vis, where one strives for cheese and other aims to stop it at any cost. An interesting battle between strength and speed to see who will win in this battle of wits!

Get, Set, GO!!!
Be prepared for the ultimate robo adventure. Where the robots will run in a field of traps to steal the points from golden walls. The walls will be located at the end of every trap in the field. Just touch the wall and you will gain points by avoiding the traps.

The most awaited and fun filled game is here . Tie your laces and get your partners in game where you might have to run for fun . The game will consist of 5 Rounds but we promise you more twist and turns throughout all of this ! Come in a team of two to be a part of the most thrilling event of NIMBUS 2k18.

Are you fascinated by electronics and circuits ? If the answer is a Yes , brush your concepts and put your thinking caps on because Team Vibhav presents you the equally fascinating game ‘Digimania’.Come in a team of two and get ready to experience an electronics extravaganza like never before !

Get yourself in action because Team Vibhav presents you Electroblitz. A game that tests your thinking , speed and memory all together. Participants have to come in a team of 2 and compete till the last round in order to win exciting prizes !

Balloon buster

A Hovercraft is a vehicle that flies like a plane but can float like a boat, can drive like a car but will traverse ditches and gullies as it is a flat terrain. A Hovercraft also sometimes called an air cushion vehicle because it can hover over or move across land or water surfaces while being held off from the surfaces by a cushion of air. Modern Hovercrafts are used for many applications where people and equipment need to travel at speed over water but be able load and unload on land. For example, they are used as passenger or freight carriers, as recreational machines and even use as warships. Hovercrafts are very exciting to fly and feeling of effortlessly traveling from land to water and back again is unique.

This will be a fun event. In which car is mounted with balloon and pins. The main aim of the event is to increase participation of people in nimbus. Participant doesn’t need to bring anything in it. Bots will be provided on spot.

Robo-basketball is a fun event in which we will provide the teams with one bot each to compete against each other. The bots will run in an arena and will have an arm to catch the ping pong ball present in the arena. The team which baskets most balls will win.

Robo-war is an event in which different groups of students build bots to compete with each other. Participants may be from any university or college. Participants should design and construct a robot capable of fighting a one on one tournament.

Junkyard wars is an on spot event. In this, the participant will be provided with tools and some waste material using which they have to fabricate a model or prototype as guided by the event managers. This event will be held in two rounds. The teams qualifying the first round will be competing against each other in the final round. The winners will be decided by the judges present in the event.

The proposed robot uses four motors for running it in desired directions. We use a small bracket for pouring seeds. The robot consists of a funnel like arrangement in order to pour seeds into a lower container. There, we use a shaft with gear like bucket teeth to pick up limited quantity of seeds and pour them on the ground in a steady manner in proper quantity. The front of the robot can be further fitted with a bent plate that drags on the soil to make a slot ahead of the machine before the seeds are poured in it. The back portion of the robot can be fitted with a tail like bent rod that is again used to pour soil on seeds sowed thus covering them with soil.

Engineer of The Year
Mock Placement
OHOO-Edible Water Bottles
War Of Pump

The event Chemicar brings you an opportunity of building up a car fuelled by simple reaction mechanisms. Just grab a plastic bottle and using chemicals provided by us, design your own car to enter this race of Chemicar. We not only provide you with the beguiling fun but also this is a way of promoting other fuelling methods that can be employed. In the light of recent scarcity of energy sources such as fossil fuels, chemically powered cars prove as an efficient alternative source.

BRAIN-O-MAZE, an online WhatsApp quiz in which questions testing your analytical skills, aptitude, reasoning and general knowledge will be asked. Two questions would be posted every day. Beating the time limit given and the other participants, be the topmost scorer and brag your analytical and logical skills. Participate and win cash prizes.

Engineer of the year is basically an on the spot event in which we test the skills, imagination and technical info of participants. This event consists of two rounds. In the first round, by using the given materials a hydraulic bridge is to be made and its strength will be tested according to how much weight it can bear. The winners will be short listed and in the second round using the knowledge of hydraulics, a crusher has to be made. Basing on its strength and ability to crush substances, the winner will be decided. Hope to see your participation

Prepare and get placed in the easiest way possible. Stay a step ahead of the competition by practicing with our mock placement. It’s not so uncustomary to have few dream companies at the back of the mind before you even are in the final year of your studies. But, once you have jotted down what your dream companies are, what’s next? We are here to give you that placement feel with aptitude test followed by group discussion leading towards personal interviews, conducted by our professionals. The more you practice your dream company’s placement tests, the more are your chances to get the foot in the door.

The idea is to make edible water bottles, a blob like water container. This biodegradable blob aims to provide convenience of plastic bottles while limiting the environmental impact. A demo will be provided for the formation of bottles by the team members. And then in the competition you have to create OHOO bottles of appropriate size with raw materials (sodium alginate, calcium lactate and water) issued by us in restricted period of time and fixed amount. It is a small initiative by us to contribute to the environment. These bottles come in various flavours and colours, as desired making it more fun, cheap and reliable. This is an on the spot event whose main requirement is your presence. Hope to see your participation.

Rocketile is a type of rocket propellent for model rockets made with isopropyl alcohol as a fuel and spark of fire as igniter. The idea is to make isopropyl alcohol powered rocket with waste water bottle, so as to replace them with fire work rockets, since fireworks can be very dangerous and are prone to landing on things that might be combustible. This has made fireworks difficult. Most cities have completely outlawed fireworks within the city limit. The participants will learn about the alcohol rockets and how they work and how different aerodynamic designs can affect the height of flight.

Our event focuses on making a simple centrifugal water pump. It is an on the spot event where participants will be provided with motors, GI sheet and other basics. The participants will be allowed to take part in a team of max two. The participants will be evaluated on basis of their design and the capacity of their pump to deliver water for certain height and flow. Successful completion of the task within minimum time will decide the winner. The event is focused to test the technical skills of participant and knowledge of fluid dynamics by how they design the pump. HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THE EVENTS!!

Domus Asparanto
Grano O Crate
Hunt O Mania
Suspendule Bridge

A diagrid structure is that, there is no vertical columns present in the perimeter of a diagrid building, therefore allowing significant flexibility with the floor plan. Vertical column in the core are designed for carrying gravity loads only and the diagrid is useful for both gravity and lateral loading. In this event the participants are supposed to construct a triangular diagrid model using sticks, glue and MDF sheet, which helps them to enhances the knowledge about the distribution of loads i.e. tension & compression distributed in arch and triangles.

Design has the important characteristics of withstanding adverse climatic conditions such as Domes have been popular in the construction of buildings since ancient times. This particular earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes or even tropical storms. Every students will be given constituents and are required to cast a dome using cement and mortar. You have to bring your own composition, we will provide only materials.

Concrete is probably the most extensively used construction material in the world with about six billion tones being produced every year. The reduction of cement consumption by partial replacement of cement by supplementary materials. Every team will be given constituents and are required to cast a 15*15*15 cm^3 concrete cube which must exhibit high strength characters. You have to bring your own composition, we will just provide the materials.

Do you find decryption of puzzles fascinating? A heady race against time? A venturesome experience track? Then this treasure hunt is something you would enjoy the most.Participants are supposed to discover the treasure spot using pure numerical and alphabetical data provided. With the help of decoded data, surveying principles and techniques, the participants can reach the destination.

A suspension bridge is a type of bridge in which the deck (the load bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders. This type of bridge has cables suspended between towers, plus vertical suspender cables that carry the weight of the deck below. Participants will have to construct a suspension bridge using mdf board and other material.

Hammer Strike
Hurdle Race
Laser Escape

It is an event to involve the participants in a fun filled atmosphere with challenging strategy. This event consists of four stages:
1.Tresure Hunt
2.Ring Throw
3.Circuit Debugging
4.Transformer Making

This event will have a haamer to hit push button. As soon as the push button is hit t the LED will glow.There wil l be several push buttons in the arena connected to different LED’s. There will be two teams having there separate bots. Aim of each team would be to glow as many LED’s as they can in specified time period.

As human beings, we respond to stimuli. Our actions are due to the feedback given by our sensory organs. An edge detection event is the simplest way to demonstrate that. Sensing an edge and maneuvering the robot to stay on arena for a given time period.Obstacle avoider bot basically detect the edge of arena.If it is detecting an edge it will respond such that it will not fall down. Robot have to stay on arena for a given period of time .

It is an event to involve the participants in a fun filled atmosphere with a challenging strategy. The mission is to navigate the maze without breaking a beam and within the minimum time. The arena consists of a number of laser beams and sensors that may be configured in a maze where a user may be timed for completing the maze, but with penalties for breaking a laser beam.


Participants are required to make masquerades (FACE PAINTINGS) with the help of the given material. Not only will this event be fun to attend, it will unleash their creative side. The twist would be to incorporate the theme of Nimbus into the concept for making the mask.

Participants are required to explain the topic/item provided to them with the help of sketching on the white board without speaking to the other member of the team. The other member has to guess the item within a time limit of 1.5 minute. The team to be guessing maximum items will be declared the winner.

Participants are required to make a tower using beer bottles and rope. The team to reach the maximum height will be declared the winner. Time given to teams for making the tower will be 30 minutes.

Participants are required to participate in a race with balancing the balloons between their stomachs in teams of 4 members. They need to inflate the balloon first and then start moving by keeping balloons between their stomachs and run up to the finish line.