NIMBUS is the most awaited technical fest of North India. The week full of splendor at the National Institute of Technology Hamirpur is bound to turn the geeky mode on. Nimbus brings together some of the best talents in science and technology, turning fantasy into corporeality! Setting new benchmarks, shattering the idea of implausible and achieving the unachievable; it is an invaluable chance to discover, develop and demonstrate the talent to excel and make use of innovative podium to stand on, succeed and march towards the road not taken. Each Nimbus reaches new heights, with fresh talent and vigor. The compassed momentum creates a buzz with new technical solutions to the existing problems. In a glimpse, Nimbus is a chance to present your innovation, creativity, and promptness. Not only on a technical aspect, but NIMBUS also covers various domains of fun and fest where engineers, scientists, researchers, and architects combine together to create flabbergasting MAGIC.

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