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Team C-Helix represents an insight view of our department that has been working in NIT Hamirpur from a long way. NIMBUS, The Techfest of our college allows students from various stream to show their technicality in every field of science. Basically, it’s a student body which explores their creativity and develops meaningful projects. Every year, we make new and innovative projects and show them in an exhibition. Also, we organize certain technical events in which students, as well as teachers, participate to engage their skills and practical knowledge. Educational Workshops and guest lectures are also conducted where students acquire software skills and develop their personality. But as we all know that a happy mind can work better and effective. So, at the end of the Fest, we along with other students take part in the fun event organized by us.



Drip-drop-drip, that’s the constant sound of water drops falling from the tap in your bathroom. As soon as you hear it, you rush to close the tap, because saving water is what we have learned since a young age. But do you know that more than 20% of clean water is wasted even before it reaches your home! The reason? Minute, currently undetectable leaks in the water distribution pipes. To get over this issue, this NIMBUS, Team C-Helix brings to you the Pipe Leakage Detection Robot. Unlike the current systems, this robot can detect extremely small leaks and can also distinguish between leaks and debris. It also works as well in plastic pipes as it does in metal pipes. Where the current systems give a localized area for a possible leak, this robot can give their precise location. This robot uses simple, easily available materials and sensors and can be built at a very low cost. The robot can squeeze itself into a range of different pipe systems. On top of that, instead of requiring a motor to push or steer it, it moves with the water flow. Further, saving costs and reducing complexity..


Ever visited a construction site or been to a metropolitan city? A very common scenario you might have faced there is the continuous coughing of people. The never-ending dust and impurities present in the air are the cause for it. What we get as a result of this are around 10million deaths every year. so to tackle this problem Team C-Helix this nimbus presents to all of you AIR PURIFIER.


The AUREUS system is an evolution for walls/windows and uses technology synthesized from upcycled crop waste to absorb stray UV light from sunlight and convert it to clean renewable electricity. the composition uses for the AUREUS system comprising photo-luminescent elements that absorb UV radiation and emit longer wavelength nonultraviolet radiation. Photo-luminescent elements are dispersed on or in a material that may be a transparent film. IT champions the issues of UV sequestration, better access to solar energy for climate change mitigation, and supporting the local agriculture industry hit by calamities by upcycling crops that would otherwise be considered wastes thus, mitigating farmer loss and provides a better environment.


Carbon capture is one of the foremost methods for curtailing greenhouse gas emissions. Incumbent technologies are inherently inefficient due to thermal energy losses, large footprint, or degradation of sorbent material. We report a solid-state faradaic electro-swing reactive adsorption system comprising an electrochemical cell that exploits the reductive addition of CO2 to quinones for carbon capture. The reported device is compact and flexible, obviates the need for ancillary equipment, and eliminates the parasitic energy losses by using electrochemically activated redox carriers. An electrochemical cell with a polyanthraquinone–carbon nanotube composite negative electrode captures CO2 upon charging via the carboxylation of reduced quinones, and releases CO2 upon discharge.


Solar energy is one of the leading renewable energy sources. Due to its clean and emission free nature, it is widely harvested all over the world. However, solar power is hampered by its inability to efficiently generate electricity in overcast or rainy conditions. To get over this problem, Team C-Helix brings to you an energy harvesting model with hybrid solar panels that are functional not only under sunlight but also under rainy conditions. Assuming the compelling features, such as cost-effectiveness and a greatly expanded working time, the hybrid system renders an innovative way to realize multiple kinds of energy harvesting in a single model and as a useful compensation to the currently widely used photovoltaic (PV) panels.


This project is basically on emergency services to not to get a delay in an emergency. To reach a particular destination without stopping anywhere in order to save precious lives this project idea helps a lot. Due to the large number of vehicles on roads, there is difficult to give fast medical service to people. To overcome this problem we introduce "Intelligent Ambulance with Automatic Traffic Control". This Ambulance is able to control the traffic lights through GPS in critical emergency situations. .


Just to activate cool inside you this nimbus team C-HELIX presents a portable novel system that could potentially replace the century-old-air-cooling principle that is still used in our modern-day air-conditioners. Generating portable drinking water while cooling air adds another feather to its eco-friendly cap.


In the urban area where there are loads of buildings and loads of obstacles, the wind tends to travel in a very very chaotic manner. We know wind turbines are generally available in areas where there are huge open spaces. To get over this issue, this NIMBUS 2021, Team C-Helix brings you the Omnidirectional wind turbine, this is ideal for such an environment where whatever direction the wind comes from, this turbine will move in the same axis in the same direction so you can harvest the energy whatever the direction is going in, it allows people living in apartments to generate their own electricity. Apartment dwellers could efficiently/effectively/sustainably generate electricity and independently make use of feed-in tariffs in nearly 80 countries.


We often see Kabariwalas (ragpickers) who come and pick up the waste from our homes almost daily. The waste includes wet, dry, metals, and organic wastes. In order to recycle this waste, it is indispensable to segregate different waste materials. Waste management is one of the major challenges that the world is facing right now. But for a large country like India, it becomes a much bigger challenge. With such a colossal population burden, the quantity of waste produced is also gigantic. To overcome this problem, the team CHelix is coming up with a solution. The Trash Splitter is there to cope with the current situation and may help, as the technology develops more, in making this world a better place to live.


Ah! Sitting in the sunlight, getting tanned, and taking vitamin D, have you ever thought of converting this solar energy from sunlight into some other forms. Obviously yes, solar energy is one of the most popular renewable sources of energy, after all. But have you ever thought of storing this energy within the walls of your house and producing heat from this trapped energy during summers as well as winters? If yes, then good for you. If no, then let Team C-Helix take this opportunity to enlighten you all about this interesting concept in the NIMBUS 2K21. To maintain the concept of renewable energy, this NIMBUS, Team C-Helix brings to you a project on Ultra Adaptive Trombe Wall


Oscillating water column is a type of wave power device that produces electricity by utilizing the plentiful oceanic wave. It is built onto or near to the rocks and it is close to the sea bottom. The water is compressed and decompressed, and when the wave enters the chambers, the water level increases, and it creates high air pressure which drives the turbine. The air pressure inside the chamber under this condition is much greater than atmospheric pressure (14.7 psi). When the water falls back to the sea, the air pressure under this condition is much lower than atmospheric pressure. For this reason, air enters again into the chamber from outside, finding no atmospheric pressure. For this reason, air enters again into the chamber from outside, finding no other way. As a result, the air then flows in negative direction. It drives the turbine in such a way that it can produce electricity.

Everything has its meaning and we civil engineers express our gratitude and respect to that 'everything with different ways of manifestation, improvisation , developing the whole mankind altogether to a sustainable world.Team chelix is the departmental team of civil engineering department Nith which emphasize on the matters that needs the limelight , that needs attention , that needs the engineering......The engineering we are proud of.❤️