Nimbus 2021 has been all about going beyond belief and our team has worked to make the impossible, possible through our efforts. The day to day life and needs of the people have been the inspiration behind our project proposals and ideas. Keeping in mind the urgent need for green architecture, we focused on climate-responsive architecture. The ideas were transformed from scratch to sketch and from sketch to a prototype. Our work approach was centred on construction techniques, furniture design, designing for the visual audio, thermal comforts and more. Designs covered an elaborate array of concepts, ranging from portable housing for space utilization to wind tunnel for enhancing the strength of the buildings and from thermal comfort through sand window to audio comfort through insulation boards. Taking our ideas beyond imagination, we aimed at achieving the unthinkable with each project. A similar aspiration to create something unique guided the events, where striking models were made from scrap and clay. We thought, we tried and we achieved.


For live demonstration of the projects : Click here

Chaya self sustaining low cost housing scheme aims to set a standard, among the traditional conventional design solutions.

Presenting in front of you, a concealed military cabin which are specially designed for the hot, dry and challenging conditions of Thar Desert. Its facade is specially designed to merge in the surroundings of desert.

Concrete pipe housing is a well furnished, well equiped, small and effective way of housing. Concrete pipe housing accommodates your minimum needs to housing, by fitting everything in a small concrete pipe.

Someone said “Staying home saves lives.” and covid-19 took it seriously. But worry not! Team Design-o-crats has got your back and is presenting to you the project “DEFEATING COVID-19 “.

The Satva the Green City is a city that is “in balance with nature,” where all forms of nature—from living organisms to their habitats—are highly significant components of the urban form and part of Sustainable infrastructure.

Sensory design aims to establish an overall diagnosis of the sensory perceptions of a product, and define appropriate means to design or redesign it on that basis.

Some people believe that good entertainment space should be large enough to accommodate a huge TV and speakers, but size is not that big a factor.

The Scintillating Semblance is a semi-parametric building designed to add up to the efficiency of a building and adapt to its surrounding temperature variance .

The idea of humans living underwater may not be as crazy as you think. An idea once reserved for video games or science fiction, underwater cities may be a viable solution for humanity in the distant future.

The team Design-o-crats is trying to develop a conceptual design for a permanently manned, self-sustaining martian facility, to accommodate scientists travelling to mars in 2030.