The tenacious team of the Chemical Engineering Department, Hermetica was formed in 2014 with the sensational rallying cry: “We react to what matters”. The desire for innovation and unprecedented ideas is what makes our team earnest in the pursuit to give our best to nurture talent in the field of chemical engineering. Team Hermetica has invariably organized a plethora of events and has exhibited impeccable and extraordinary projects that are full of erudition.


Stable Salt Reactor: Marking the onset of NIMBUS 2021, Team Hermetica is delighted to present its blueprint on ‘STABLE SALT REACTOR', where an integral nuclear reactor is designed with the core comprising of assemblies of fuel tubes immersed in a coolant salt tank.

Li-ion Battery: Team Hermetica has come up with a project on the Thermal management system of battery. We have designed a jacket containing Nanofluid. This Nanofluid has a high cooling tendency, lowering the battery's temperature.

Biofuel from Bio-waste: Team Hermetica has come up with a new technique, Biofuel from Bio-waste. This project aims at extracting the majority of energy from the waste food and turn it to fuel and electricity.

Water Purification: “Pure Water” is the world's first and foremost medicine, but water supplies are severely polluted, posing a serious threat. So, Team Hermetica has come up with a revolutionary technique of Water Purification using TiO2 Powder and Photocatalytic Activity.

Ocean CleanUp: A boat that moves like a snake and is operated remotely, travelling freely through the environment and cleaning the oceans. We're using cellulose sheets packed with polysulphide polymer, which is made up of refining and petroleum by products.

Membrane Technology: Even though membrane processes are innovative, fouling is the biggest roadblock in its way. To overcome this issue, we have designed an effective solution through our project.