Team Medextrous is the departmental team of Mechanical Engineering Department which works for Nimbus - Annual Technical Festival of National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. We have a diverse pool of students constantly trying to innovate new things. Here we believe that technology can provide the solutions of the problems prevailing in the society. We constantly try to create rojects which basically try to tackle the current problems in tye society.


Team MEDextrous presents you "Venturi Windmill" from NIMBUS 2021, Annual Tech Fest of NIT Hamirpur. Electricity scarcity is a big issue in many villages as well as in some cities. With the increase in various technologies.

Team MEDextrous presents you "Grain Moisture Eliminator and Separator" in NIMBUS 2021, The Annual Tech Fest of NIT Hamirpur. Grain spoilage is a major issue to tackle with. More than 30% of produce is spoilt in storage.

Every year we see a lot of human loss as well as property damage due to fire accidents. Existing technology lacks in their proper treatment. For this problem, Team MEDextrous has designed an amazing fire fighting humanoid

Agriculture is the main occupation of a vast population in our country. Through our project, we aim to mechanize agriculture in order to improve productivity and provide an effective alternative to small scale farmers.

This Nimbus, Team MEDextrous presents the "Semi-Autonomous Amphibious Rover". The Rover is a driver-less land/water transport inbuilt with an intelligent control system. The rover is enriched with Robotic Arm ,Sensors ,Cameras

In our country most of the foods are oily, hence a lot of effort is required for their washing. In hotels, restaurants, etc. there are a lot of dishes to be cleaned, which requires a lot of human effort and is very difficult. In our project

This project aims to make a manipulator using artificial muscle which can come up with the drawbacks of conventional manipulator such as heavy weight which can cause loss in power, decreases its efficiency.

Team MEDextrous presents you "Child Rescue System" in NIMBUS 2021, The Annual Tech Fest of NIT Hamirpur. This system is designed for the quick and safe rescue of children struck in borewell.

Klann linkage is a planar mechanism designed to simulate the gait of legged animal and function as a wheel replacement, a leg mechanism. The problem, that this project solves is mainly for surveillance, normal bots drive

Multi – Use HexaCopter is an all purpose drone with 6 powerful motors that can lift weight up to 9 kg’s . These specifications make it suitable for use at emergency conditions like fire extinguishing, military operations inclusion.